At last, Comment is Really Free at theguardian

Many of the features of the CiRF The Guardian browser extension look very similar to the Guardian's own comments section, so you'll have no problem using it straight out of the box.
We've added a few extra features including being able to edit your comment and real community moderation, see below for more details.

Comment on 'closed' articles

You can comment on articles that don't have Guardian comments enabled. In the case of older articles that have been open for Guardian comments you can continue commenting after the Guardian comments section has been closed.
Wherever you see the CiRF icon you can comment via the CiRF The Guardian extension.

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This is a screenshot of a typical front page from the Guardian.
Notice that many of the articles do not have comments enabled.

Before CiRF

And this is what it looks like when you have enabled the CiRF The Guardian browser extension
Now every article can be commented on.

After CiRF

Just click on the article and you'll be able to comment on it as normal.

Making a CiRF comment

It's almost exactly the same as making a normal Guardian comment but we always show the CiRF 'G' logo and a reminder that you are not posting a comment to the Guardian website.
Formatting your comment is nearly the same but there is no preview option, given the number of complaints we've seen in the Guardian comments regarding the lack of an edit facility we decided that the preview obviously wasn't working as well as it should and people noticed typos after they post, so we decided to provide an edit facility instead of preview.

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Typing your comment...
Notice the reminder that you are using CiRF.

Making a Comment

Once you post your comment...
You can see the 'Edit' button at the bottom of the comment.

Comment Posted

If you've made a typo, or thought of something else to add, you can edit your comment.

Editing a CiRF comment

You can always edit your comments, no matter how long they've been posted for.
Just hit the edit button under your comment and make your changes.
The history of your edits is visible to everyone.

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Editing your comment...
Make the changes and press Save Edits, it's that simple.

Making an Edit

Once you've saved the edits...

After Editing

Viewing your own, or other peoples, previous versions is a simple matter of clicking the 'Edits' link.

Viewing previous versions of a comment...

Previous Versions

Recommending a CiRF comment

This works the same way as the Guardian comment recommendations.
Our button for 'recommend' is green with an up-arrow on it.
You can only recommend a comment once and you cannot recommend your own comment.

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Recommending a comment...
Click the green up-arrow.
Comments you have already recommended have a gray up-arrow.


As CiRF is community moderated you can also moderate other people's comments.

Moderation of CiRF comments

Unlike the Guardian, we do not have moderators deciding what can and can not be said, this is left up to you.
The red down-arrow is not for disagreeing with someone's comment it is for moderation.
When you click the red down-arrow you are presented with a choice of reasons for moderation, these are much the same as the Guardian 'report' reasons, you can choose more than one option.
The reasons you choose are highlighted to the comment author which gives them an opportunity to reassess their comment and perhaps improve it.

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Moderating a comment...
Click the red down-arrow.
Indicate what you think is wrong and press Moderate Now.

Moderating a Comment

If enough people moderate a comment the comment will be hidden, however, it is not permanently removed. A heavily moderated comment can still be viewed by clicking on it, and subsequent viewers can recommend the comment or they can moderate it further.

This comment has been heavily moderated.
But you can still read it.

Moderated Comment

You can recommend it.
You can moderate it further.
You can write a reply to it.

View Moderated Comment

If your own comment has been moderated you can see what other people think is wrong with it.
Clicking on the Moderate down-arrow on your own comments displays the reasons given for moderation.
If you feel you can improve your comment to avoid further moderation you can edit it.

The reasons given for moderation.

View Own Moderated Comment